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Clients marked VO are hosted at ViaOz.Com. - VO
Creators of web sites that are "Phone Phriendly". That is, web pages that can easily be read using mobile phone web browsers. Check out their portfolio (try them from your phone's browser, too).

    Our "PHone PHriendly" Mobile Sports Schedules:
  • O-City.Mobi, Orlando City Soccer Club
  • WC14.Info, the 2018 FIFA® World Cup™
  • WC14.Info, the 2014 FIFA® World Cup™
  • WWC15.Mobi, the 2015 FIFA® Womens World Cup™
  • Copa.Mobi, the schedule for the Copa America Centenario - VO
A newsletter published for each Space Shuttle Launch, and sold at Space View Park in Titusville to provide background information on the flight to the tourists that line the Indian River on launch day.

K4EOC.Org, the home of BEARS, the Brevard Emergency Amateur Radio Services, Inc. VO
A consortium of radio clubs in Brevard County FL, providing the county Emergency Manager a single point of contact when Ham Radio communications are needed for disaster assistance.

Titusville Amateur Radio Club - VO
The Titusville Amateur Radio Club provides public service to Titusville and North Brevard County Florida.

It is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League, the Brevard Emergency Amateur Radio Service, and provides communications support for our community.

The club has seen new memberships due to people finding the website through Search engines, and through referrals by the American Radio Relay League.

Museums Of Brevard VO
A consortium of museums in Brevard County are pooling their resources, and establishing a single web site as well.

Maxine's Websites
Hope CommUnity Center, Office For Farmworkers Ministry
Operated by the Sisters of Notre Dame, among their programs, they teach simple computer skills to farmworkers so that they can participate in modern life. Skills taught include using web based e-mail, and creating resumes. Formerly, OFFM.ORG

GassLite Photography
Photographs by Edwin Gass

Space Walk Of Fame Museum
As a volunteer at the Museum, Ozzie helps out by occassionally updating the web site.

Space Frontier Operations
A membership organization which provides management and consulting services to the Space Industry.

Spacey Ideas - VO
A consulting company with "Out Of This World" ideas! We can put a "space spin" on your product, or marketing plan. We were the folks who suggested to the Florida Public Service Commission that the Space Coast of Florida (the countdown capitol of the world) should get area code 3-2-1! Service began on 1999 November 01.

Osband.US - VO
Web space for the Osband Family to host their own information, including obittuary information on Irene Osband

A collection of miscellanious, well, Who Z Whats Its that a friend of mine wants on a web site. Who am I to say "No"?

Stonefire Art Studios - VO
An artists cooperative based in Titusville FL. (Watch out for CMYK involvement- you have been warned!)

A local auto replair shop of more than 30 years standing.

Boggs Gases
Supplier of specialty and welding gases to NASA's Kennedy Space Center, and the contractor communitty.

A website for Victor Dahlquest to have a presence on the web.

Not Just For Retirement Calculator
Ilene Davis' Calculator Page.

The Cheshire Catalyst - VO

Cheshire was the last editor of TAP, a "phone phreak" newsletter of the late 1970's and early 1980's. He also is a writer for 2600 Magazine, and gives talks at their HOPE Conferences. Cheshire also used to maintain Cheshire's Palm Page.

Monk's Stuff

The NASCAR Websites
These sites are the artifact of our principle's NASCAR Hobby. Not so much following the races, but having a NASCAR fan website.
The AT&T Mobility Racing Fan Club - VO
Formerly the The Cingular Wireless Racing Fan Club
A very happy customer of Cingular Wireless who likes NASCAR, has set up a "Fan Page" in appreciation of Cingular Wireless' participation in the Nextel Cup. While most Fan Pages follow particular drivers, or race car shops, ViaOz.Com tends to host NASCAR web sites that follow the sponsor instead. Especially if the ad agency involved is Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Osborne.

A Website to keep active as a NASCAR Fan with a "Dot COM" company. 2009 only.

DaddysRacers.Com - VO
As a happy GoDaddy.Com customer, I followed their race car drivers in 2010 through 2012.

SpeakerTires.Com - VO
Now you can have tires that really scream! (a friend's idea that never got funding)

For "Miffed And Aggravated Females In Action".


The Wednesday Group
An artist collective based in Brevard County, Florida.

English PlayHouse
Builders of quality play houses for youngsters, and collectors who are young-at-heart.

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