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Via Oz

My Web Page Philosophy

by Robert Osband, Webmaster.

Thanks for your interest in finding out what my web philosophy is. I think it is simple, and hopefully, effective.
To me, information content is all. Graphics have a place, and a picture can be worth a thousand words. I'm just going to be sure those thousand words are in the Caption so that people with non-graphic web browsers (such as Lynx for Telnet users, and pwWebSpeak for blind users with speech synthisizers) can know what's going on as well.
I firmly believe that web pages should be readable by all, no matter what web browser they are using. For more on the usability of web pages, please visit FlashSucks.Org.

"Your web site is for your customers. End of story. It is not a showcase for your webmasters creativity. It's not meant to be 'cool'. If it is, it's useless."
                   -   Harry Newton
                              Computer Telephony Magazine,
                              1999 October

These Data Come To You
Via Oz
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