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Robert Osband-N4SCY


+1 321 543-8633

2009 June 14

Dear Web Visitor,

Have you gotten a Spam e-mail that is apparently from a user at ViaOz.Com? I can assure you that it was NOT sent from a user at my Domain. How do I know?

Recently I've been getting "bounce" messages from mail-daemons telling me that an e-mail sent from an e-mail address that was apparently from my domain was undeliverable. What it told me is that some spammer is putting random usernames in front of "" in the From field of spam they are sending, and shipping it out into the internet.

Here's a list of some of the Return Addresses on those e-mails:

     "cosmin Spagat" <>
     "priyanka Hannam" <>
     "Boerre Ling" <>
     "Amelia" <>
ViaOz.Com is my personal web hosting site. I have very few e-mail users on the various domains I control from ViaOz.Com. None of the Users shown above are people who have e-mail addresses here, which is why the "bounce" message came to me as the "catch-all" e-mail addressee on the Domain.

If you have any information on who actually sent the spam by impersonating users on my Domain, please let me know. I would like to seek damages from the perpetrators.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.

Robert Osband

Copies of this document can be printed out from http://ViaOz.Com/spam.html